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"Bitcoin Perception" is a newsletter that provides a comprehensive analysis of the public sentiment towards Bitcoin, as reflected in online and media discussions.

The volume and tone of Bitcoin mentions are tracked, key topics are monitored, and Bitcoin's organic media value and reach are measured.

The goal is to offer nuanced insights into Bitcoin's standing in the public eye, helping our readers navigate the dynamic world of Bitcoin with greater understanding and confidence.

Who is behind it?

Hi 👋

I'm Fernando Nikolic, the Director of Marketing and Communications at Blockstream, a leading company in Bitcoin blockchain technology.

Each day, I strive to deepen my understanding of the media landscape and fuel my passion for Bitcoin. Combining the power of strategic marketing and data interpretation, I decided to channel these skills into creating this newsletter.

This platform allows me to share my insights and foster a more informed and engaging conversation around Bitcoin.

I hope this brings you value.

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Fernando Nikolic

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